UK Airport Transfers

UK Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers and Taxi Service in the UK

All throughout history, travellers from all over the world have been flocking to the land of Shakespeare and the Beatles, looking for a green and pleasant escapade, in the mysterious southwest England with its uncommon beaches or in the Mountains in Wales to the enchanting Northern Ireland and the wildly beautiful adventurous Scotland.

Culture & Art & History

The graceful architecture, castles, museums, art galleries and other iconic tourism attractions like Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and other hidden gems make the UK a perfect getaway for lovebirds, culture fans, business people and families, ranking as the 5th most competitive tourism destination in the world in 2013.

Whether you are in UK on a short holiday, on a business trip, or just in between flights, here’s your TaxiFinder guide to The United Kingdom, its Attractions and Things to do during your stay.

City Transfers & Taxi Services in the UK

UK’s capital city London is one of the prime gateways to the country and its boroughs like Kingston upon Thames, Kensington, Chelsea, and Greenwich offer a puzzlingly charming cosmopolitan lifestyle, awash with world-known museums, art galleries, coffee-shops, pubs and night-life.

Manchester, home to some three million people, is a renowned centre for arts, media and higher education as well as a favourite hotspot for shopping. Cultural spots to put on the bucket list are Chinatown – the colorful home of one of the largest Chinese communities in Britain, Little Moreton Hall – one of England’s most remarkable half-timbered manors and the 600 years old Bury Market – flourishing with vibrant art scenes including a museum, art gallery and library all under one roof.

The UK offers a tremendous amount culturally. Wherever you will spend your vacations, the local taxi services will facilitate your moves. There is so much to see and do during your stay, from visiting museums, taking boat trips, relaxing at the beach or exploring UK’s city centres that it’s quite impossible to get bored.

Ski Resorts & Ski Transfers from UK

Winter in the UK is magical! Lovely snowy or icy landscapes, crisp skies, outdoor ice rinks and unusual ice festivals turn the country into a veritable winter wonderland!
77 real snow and artificial ski slopes, make up the five areas in which to ski in Great Britain, with Scotland having the only natural ski resorts. The ski season tends to be from December to April. Northern alternatives are the Belgian Ardennes ski slopes, the German ski stations and the French ski resorts which are easily accessible from the UK by plane or train, and then using ski transfers from airports or train stations. Most ski resorts have neighbouring airports and train stations, making it very convenient to reach your favourite ski station.

Transport & Airport Transfers in the UK

Renting a car in the UK is way too expensive and the truth remains that there is no greater freedom than being driven by a chauffeur, sitting back enjoying the view and sipping in the fresh air.
Taxis are handy ways of travelling around but are really expensive and charge depending on the time of the day, speed and distance. You can flag one in the street or wait for one at the taxi ranks. Black cabs are also common in most towns and cities. It is customary to tip the driver about 10% of the fare.

Hailing a taxi at a British Airport can prove to be a tremendous challenge, queuing up is mandatory and there is always the risk of ending up with a high rated fare due to detours or heavy traffic, especially if you are going into busy cities or distanced towns and regions. Fares are more expensive in the evenings, at weekends and during public holidays. An alternative is to pre-book a Minicab with fixed tariffs.

If you do happen to hop into a taxi, our advice is to stick to licensed ones. If you get a single person fare, do not hesitate to say no if the taxi wants to pick people up on the way or if the taxi driver wants ‘extra money for traffic’, even if you agreed on a price before the trip. Added to that is the communication problem if you do not speak the local language or the taxi man is not multi-lingual.

Pre-booking private airport transfers in The UK is a less costly, less stressful and a relieving alternative which is most definitely recommended for your holiday, hotel transfers and sightseeing excursions in The UK.

The main airports in the UK

Heathrow Airport (LHR)
London Gatwick Airport (LGW)
Manchester International Airport (MAN).

The TaxiFinder service includes Multi-lingual drivers, Free Waiting Time*, Welcome Service, No Luggage Fee and our wide range of vehicles are designed to be Child, Disabled and Pet Friendly upon request.

Our private transfer service does not make stops to numerous hotels on the way nor make you wait for passengers from several flights as traditional shuttle & transfer services do.

We provide Airport Transfers, Ski Resort Transfers and Taxi Services in The UK at 20 to 40% less than current airport transfer fares.

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Types of transfer in United Kingdom


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