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Airport Taxi Service and Private Cars connects you with the cheapest and the most reliable taxis and private car hire companies in several countries worldwide. These vehicles are ideal for airport or hotel transfers, door-to-door runs. Book taxis or private car hire directly through the form on and receive the best price for maximum comfort and security.
Those two types of transport are part of the “standard category”. If you need a taxi or private car hire, select “standard” in the form.
Those types of transports are represented by the following criteria:

  • Cheapest transport after the public transportation, also much more comfortable than public transport!
  • Basic vehicles with middle range car brands
  • Vehicles for up to 8 passengers (depending on the model and country)
  • The car models normally used are compact, mid-size, family cars, sedans, SUV (depending on the country)
  • No added services (some companies offer added services on demand)

The private car service may seem to be a more luxurious and expensive choice than the standard taxi.That is not necessarily true. The price will vary depending on the distance, the time, the traffic and your special requests.

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Taxi Service Advantages:

Guaranteed prices:

Traditional taxis have to respect a rate per kilometer (or minute) which is usually fixed by a public institution. The rate may by higher at night, on Sundays and on public holidays. This also means that you are sure you would not pay more than you should for a taxi. But unfortunately, in case of traffic, the final price can be very high.


In several countries, the taxi companies have an obligation to follow certain rules; it is the condition for them to have the license. The common rules are: limited time of driving, periodically check the vehicle and good conduct on the road.


Taxis are local. They are available in big cities and capitals, but they are also present in small towns and country sides.

Private Car Hire Service Advantages:

Fixed prices:

Unlike the taxis, the private car hire companies calculate their prices on a fixed basis. It depends on the distance in kilometers not on the time. The great advantage of this system is that you will not pay more if there is heavy traffic.


They can provide you with more services than standard taxis. You can negotiate additional services according to your needs and expectations such as: food, drinks, newspapers, children seats, etc.


Most of the time, the car models used by private car hire companies are newer and more comfortable. The driver is usually well suited to welcome you.
Those are the main differences between a taxi and a private car hire. One is not better than the other; they both have advantages and disadvantages. The best choice will depend on your trip (purpose, number of persons…), needs and expectations.

Are you are travelling for business and you need an executive vehicle?
Do you have a special event and you want to book a limo?
Are you a group and you want to travel all together in one minibus?

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