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Ski Resort Transfers in Germany

Your TaxiFinder guide to the best Ski Resorts in Germany for beginners, families and expert skiers.

The German ski areas are divided into two regions completely different in all aspects: the region of Sauerland in the north of Germany, a few hours’ drive from Belgium and the ski areas of Bavaria and Allgäu in southern Germany, not far from France, Italy and Switzerland.

Sauerland is between Cologne and Kassel and though it has less snow than the southern areas it does keep its promise of a serious ski destination, with resorts like Willingen and Winterberg.

Skiing in Bavaria and Allgäu means winter fun if you love skiing, snowboarding, carving or freestyle skiing , the German skiing regions in the South of Germany have the perfect snow from November to May and offer a vast choice of Alpine resorts.
Most German ski resorts have neighbouring airports, making it very convenient to get to your favourite ski station. International airports closest to the Alps in Germany are Franz Josef Strauss Airport in Munich and Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport in Stuttgart

What are the options for Ski Transfers Germany?

We can provide you with door-to-door ski transfers in this region!

We provide Ski transfers & Ski taxis from/to the following German Ski Resorts

Bavarian/Algau Alps Ski Transfers

Nearest Airports: Munich (1hr), Innsbruck

Closest Resorts :
• Spitzingsee (10km)
• Bayrischzell-Brannenburg/Wendelstein (4km)
• Oberaudorf (11km)
• Thierseetal/Schneeberg/Hagerlifte (11km)
• Schliersee (14km)
Vertical Drop: 470 m. 24 Lifts. 37runs
40km (16% blue, 74% red, 10% black)

Nearest Airports: Salzburg(0.5 hr), Munich / Innsbruck (2hrs)

Closest Resorts :
• Obersalzberg (3 km)
• Bischofswiesen/Goetschen (5 km)
• Durrnberg (7 km)
• Ramsau/Hochschwarzeck (6 km)
• Jenner (7 km)
Vertical Drop: 1170 m. 21Lifts. 21 runs
11km (20% blue, 71% red, 0% black)

Nearest Airports: Munich / Innsbruck (1hrs), Salzburg (2 hrs)

Closest Resorts :
• Ehrwald (3 km)
• Biberwier (8 km)
• Ehrwalder Alm (5 km)
• Lermoos (8 km)
• Grainau (6 km)
Vertical Drop: 1350 m. 39 Lifts. 41 runs
70km (15% green, 55% blue, 25% red, 5% black)

Alpspitz Nesselwang
Nearest Airports: Munich / Innsbruck (1.5)

Closest Resorts :
• Oy-Mittelberg (5km)
• Pfronten/Breitenberg (9km)
• Jungholz (6km)
• Pfronten (7km)
• Wertach (8km)
Vertical Drop: 610 m. 7Lifts. 6runs
8km (21%green,33% blue, 38% red, 8% black)

Oberstorf – Fellhorn-Kanzelwand
Nearest Airports: Munich/Innsbruck/Zurich (2 hrs)

Closest Resorts :
• Oberstdorf-Söllereck (2km)
• Kanzelwand-Fellhorn (Kleinwalsertal) (2km)
• Hirschegg (4km)
• Walmendingerhorn (Kleinwalsertal) (7km)
• Ifen (Kleinwalsertal) (8km)
Vertical Drop: 1047 m. 26 Lifts. 38 runs
48km (36% blue, 55% red, 7% black)

St. Englmar – Proller
Nearest Airports: Munich (2hrs), Innsbruck, Zurich

Closest Resorts :
• Geisskopf (19km)
• Arrach/Ski Eck/Riedelstein (22km)
• Bodenmais/Silberberg (23km), Arber (26km)
Vertical Drop: 385 m. 13 Lifts. 38 runs
11km (30 green, 36% blue, 26% red, 8% black)

Nearest Airports: Innsbruck/ Munich (1hr) , Salzburg (1.5 hrs)

Closest Resorts :
• Bad Wiessee (4km)
• Rottach-Egern/Wallberg (6km)
• Schliersee (5km)
• Kreuth – Hirschberg (8km)
• Kreuth/Hirschberg (7km)
Vertical Drop: 972 m. 13 Lifts. 38 runs
11km (20% green, 24% blue, 36% red, 20% black)

Glen Eden Ontario
Nearest Airports: Toronto (1 hr)

Closest Resorts :
• Chicopee (45km)
• Boler Mountain/London Ski Club (85km)
• Hockley Valley (53km)
• Oshawa Ski Club (97km)
• Dagmar Ski Resort (98km)
Vertical Drop: 70m. 7 lifts. 15 runs
5km (Green 53%, blue 27%, red 20%, black 0%)

Horseshoe resort
Nearest Airports: Toronto (0.5 hr)

Closest Resorts :
• Snow Valley Ski Resort (18km)
• Big Tupper Ski Area (42km)
• Skyloft Ski Club (75km)
• Lakeridge Ski Resort (76km)
• Dagmar Ski Resort (78km)
Vertical Drop: 100m. 6 lifts.26 runs
40km (Green 31%, blue 17%, red 52%, black 0%)

Lt St Louis-Moonstone
Nearest Airports: Toronto (1.5 hrs)

Closest Resorts :
• Mountain View Ski Area (22km)
• Blue Mountain (51km)
• Hockley Valley (85km)
• Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area (94km)
• Dagmar Ski Resort (95km)
Vertical Drop: 154m. 12 lifts.36runs
20 km (Green 35%, blue 50%, red 0%, black 15%)


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