Day Trips

Day Trips

Sightseeing Tours, Day trips & Shore excursions

Day trips, city tours & bus tours

Spending your whole vacation in the hotel is no fun. Discover the local lifestyles and explore the wonderful sights and places.

Our partners, who also make airport transfers and hotel transfers, can advise you on what to do around your hotel during your stay and organize bus tours, city tours and any other kind of sightseeing tours. Don’t hesitate to contact them through TaxiFinders’s website and to ask them for tips.

TaxiFinders’s partners are specialized in sightseeing tours and day trips. They can provide you with the right vehicle according to your expectations and the number of persons travelling. They can also answer specific questions, you just have to ask!

Cruise shore excursions

When you are on excursions organized by a cruise company you may not have enough time to discover places of interest because of too many people in the group, or the cost may be very expensive.

On some cruises you may be allowed to organize your own cruise shore excursions. It has many advantages! Apart from solving the problems mentioned above, you can also organize a customized excursion. Decide what you want to see, how long you want to stay at each place, where and when you eat; you can also make specific demands or even change your mind during the excursion!

TaxiFinder is present in the most popular harbors of the world, such as:

  • Civitavecchia Port, close to Rome, in Italy
  • Port of Naples in Italy
  • Port of Livorno in Italy
  • Port of Barcelona in Spain
  • Port of Canaveral in the USA
  • Port of Miami in the USA
  • Port of Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Best local sightseeing tour companies

TaxiFinder provides you with the best local companies specialized in sightseeing tours and shore excursions. They are at your disposal for organizing your day trips. They meet all your requirements and adapt the excursions according to your needs. You will benefit from customized tours and excursions.

When traveling abroad, there are many advantages to booking an excursion with a local company:

  • They are from the region so they know the best and most unusual tourist attractions. They can help you organize your trip and plan your visits
  • They can advise you in advance on hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • If you want to experience the real local life where you are traveling it is best to do so with a local guide and company
  • They are a number of small companies available to satisfy all your needs and requirements. Feel free to change your plans during the trip or ask for something specific you want to experience
  • They are less expensive and can get you the best prices for your visits and excursions

TaxiFinder can also provide you with taxis, limos, minibuses or coaches for your transfer from the airport to your hotel, cruise port or any other destination.

How to book your tourism tours on TaxiFinder?

Requesting a sightseeing tour, bus tour or city tour on TaxiFinder is easy, quick and free.

Just post your request through the form at the top of the page: enter your pick-up and destination, your date and hour of departure. For the destination, enter the last stop and select the box “sight-seeing tour” in Extras; then enter your personal details so that the driver of your choice can contact you easily. Providing your phone number is important for the driver if your email address is wrong or in the event that you encounter any problems on D-day. In the box “comments” enter the details of the trip, important notes or requirements you need.

After completing all those details, you will receive up to 3 quotes by email and on your TaxiFinder account, directly from the transporters who will answer your questions. Then simply make your choice!

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